Two oldest maine-iacs

Two oldest maine-iacs

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sleepy time or not...

This guy is not a good sleeper, he is a flopper. Flop to the left, flop to the right. Kicking, stretching, groaning. And ALWAYS hogging the bed!

 He looks so peaceful. Don't be fooled, not for one minute!

Perhaps it's the coffee intake, keeping him up?

 America runs on Dunkin and so does Henry. He loves to put cars in, put the lid on, shake, take cars out, put lid on, drink....

He loves to hold his bink and his bottle - even if it is an empty one, which leaks alot less. It is like a safety blanket, bink and bubs.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bundle up baby

 It's cold outside. Well it was a month ago then it was HOT! 86 degrees in March in Maine. What?

It is hard to believe it was cold this winter because it was only for such a brief time. I ask my patients (some pushing 100) if they ever remember a winter this mild and most say no. A few recall a winter with no snow (like this ear) but said it was still cold. No snow and no cold- watch out for two things: Winter next year and the bugs this summer!

Here is one of the few days where we had to bundle up, next day the sun toasted it up and we were able to drop a few layers, like the hat and coat. Henry loves playing outside.

This is a shot of Michael doing his Construction Work in what little snow we did have. 

Henry collecting rocks.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Crafting time, my favorite time of the day!

Plain frame painted off white
 Squares of scrap paper
 Cut into swirls
 Makes pretty roses
 Glued on a frame

Sunday, March 25, 2012

the ARM

Mom: "Can I have a picture of your arm?"
Typical Michael. Yep, he's pretty literal.

He picked camo. He said that everyone at school has been so helpful. Unfortunately, the day he got it on and the day after it was in the 80's here and I think he was pretty miserable. Not to mention he is so skinny and even though it is not plaster it still weighs him down. But he's a trooper!

It goes all the way to the armpit but they padded it so it wouldn't rub.  Notice Henry is stealing the stool while we are busy.
The cast man, Travis,  offered to build it up in the bicep to make him look muscular. Michael actually got the joke and was cracking up! 

He told the doctor he was up trying to catch Lucky the Leprechaun at 4am. But he was a day early. The doctor thought it was funny. After a hospital trip and two, two hour appointments mom did not. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sweet sugar smiles

While Michael and Daddy went to see the Globetrotters basketball extravaganza last week, Ava and I headed out for another great Mommy and Me class.

We made a cookie flower arrangement! We did have to bring the LG (little guy) and it was a little challenging keeping him from licking everything, but we had a blast. Turns out Ava has some serious skills with a frosting bag!

Hard at work


Serious concentration

Squeezing it to the bottom

Finished product!  
They were yummy and fun.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Still working on the house

Here is Daddy/Derek painting the rails...

 Here is Henry crying because I keep saying get down! He hates to hear the word no. Just like his big sister.

 Up and down and up and down....

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Drama Queen

A letter from my little drama queen. I found her in Henry's bed crying and she said "Mom if you want to know why I am crying, go up to my bedroom and read my easel board." So here is what I found...

To mom dad henry and michael
I love you but i will 
b laying done (down) on henry ('s)
bed. I tink (think) you dont
love me
love your Doter (daughter) Ava
Becos I am sad
I love you

Luckily, she just needed a little attention to cheer her up! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Civil rights night

Here is Michael at his 2nd grade production of Civil Rights Night. I think he is so adorable and all grown up.

Waiting in line to say his lines. He did a great job!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cheese monster

Henry LOVES cheese puffs, and he apparently feels they are best eaten by the handful. Here he is double-fisting it. Cheesing up my house and even his beloved big brother (Bubba).