Two oldest maine-iacs

Two oldest maine-iacs

Friday, August 10, 2012

Mondays are BIG kid day

I don't work Mondays.  Every other Monday Derek is off too! We are home with the big kids and Henry goes to daycare. Don't feel too bad for him, he loves it and he only goes three days a week.

We do dentist and doctor appointments and run errands but we are always sure to sneak in a little fun with all of us BIG kids!

With all the summer birthdays right in a row it is hard to not think of summer as one great big party at our house. The kids had been to Blackbeard's before with their dad (when I was visiting Aunt Meghan, how many years ago?!). But it had been a really long time.

First we needed some pointers. Yep, I said "we", meaning mainly me!

Michael turned out to be a great putter.  

Daddy really kept score. It was hard to hear the numbers sometimes (13??? really?)

Ava was really good. She started with a birdie and two holes-in-one.

But towards the end she started "sweeping" the ball in.

Over all it was alot of fun! I think Daddy was the winner. Spending the whole day with my big kids was a huge score for me! 

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  1. I have gotten a 13 myself at putt putt and on a real course. So much fun!