Two oldest maine-iacs

Two oldest maine-iacs

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bonfires and cool nights

Well we bought this super cool gazebo for almost free (they forgot to ring it up at Lowes). Being the proper citizens we are we pointed out the discrepancy and ended up paying the hundreds it cost. We felt good about it and everything was grand.

Babcia Julia and I set it up which was soooo confusing as the instructions were in another language (not one of her three or my one). But we loved the netting to keep the bugs out and enjoyed it for about two weeks before a huge storm blew it away. Yup, bent the frame, ripped all the netting. It was a treasure to trash kind of storm. It did not appear to be salvageable.

Derek and I refused to give up so easily and re-bent the frame and strung it back up. He found these cool lights and built us a fire pit. It doesn't keep the bugs out, and it floods in one corner in the spring but for the amount of hotdogs, kielbasa and smores we have eaten out there, the amount of quiet discussions and crazy giggles we have shared I say it is still well worth the hundreds. And I think it is beautiful and rustic and the perfect accent to our yard.

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